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Let’s play poker now

There are quite a number of people who do not understand poker and at times they think that poker is a difficult game. Well, this is not so; it only takes a few minutes for you to learn and master the game play. Within a period of a week one good become a professional poker player. Let go through the poker learning process and play poker right away.

Poker is certainly one interesting card game where skills apply when it comes to wining the game. This game makes use of skills far better than in the blackjack game. Let us go through the basics of the poker game.

Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker stable on the internet though there are also other poker stables such as Omaha. In poker the players are simply battling it out to have the best hand. They are names given to ones hand, these include, two pair, straight and full house.

When the game starts, the players get two of their own cards and then 5 community cards are placed at the centre of the table which are to be shared by all players. Thus from the 7 cards total you are then allowed to make your own hand. As the game progresses the community card will be revealed and the betting continues. Thus in order to stay in the game you have to keep playing as the people want to see how far you can go in raising the stakes. When one person places lots of money on the table for everyone to match, the golden question then comes up, does that player have a good hand or he or she is just bluffing. Yes, this is certainly the beauty in the game of poker.
Certainly you will never win every game of poker, as each time you go for the fold you lose some money but the best say they simply live on to fight another day. Well, in order to put yourself amongst the best poker players you need to make sure that your wins are far more than the folds.

Useful tips to consider in the game play
•    Avoid playing too many hands on the poker table with much emphasis on avoiding this at the start. Playing more hands simply puts you at the risk of losing more and does not add value to your game in any way.
•    Do not speculate and hope to have a better of luck or chance at the end of it all. You must understand that poker is simply a game of strategy and not a game of chance or luck.

Well, poker is very much easy to learn, thus any person can be a pro in the poker circles. One place that you can learn how to play poker is on the internet. There are some websites that allow you to play Poker Online for free and thus this can be your starting place before you can start making lots of money on the internet today. Play poker today and earn that needed extra cash.
Joe Hachem is only one of four players in the world to have won both a WSOP and WPT title. He coined the phrase 'Pass the sugah' at the 2005 WSOP Championship final table and it's been much used on the Poker circuit ever since. Born in Lebanon, Hachem used to be a chiropractor before becoming a professional Poker player!

Joe Hachem was born in 1966 in Lebanon. He won $7.5 million coming from Poker obscurity at his first WSOP Main Even in 2005. As a child he moved to Australia with his family and started playing the Manila version of Poker only as a hobby during his teens. He was one of the millions of people around the world who got hooked to Poker after watching Rounders – the first Hollywood movie with a Poker theme. Hachem started playing Texas Hold Em at Melbourne's Crown Casino thereafter.

After 13 years of working as a chiropractor he had to quit because of a rare blood vessel illness in his hands and he became a semi-professional Poker player going to regular live games in the local casino and playing online.

He decided to visit Las Vegas in 2005 with his brother and finished tenth at the WSOP Event-37 which was a $1,000 No-Limit Hold Em tournament. Two weeks later he won millions at the $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em World Championship final table! He beat more than 5,600 other players to reach the top. Ironically, he had one of the worst starting hands considered in Poker! Today, he travels the world with his wife and four children attending some of the best Poker tournaments.

Hachem also made it to the 2006 WSOP final tables and won the 2006 Joe a World Poker Tour title held as part of the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championships. Only three other players – Doyle Brunson, Juan Carlos Mortenson and Scotty Nguyen – have the distinction of winning both a WPT title and WSOP Main Event.

In 2007, Joe Hachem led a membership drive for recruitment to the World Poker Association during the World Series of Poker events. He joined the board of directors of the Association as secretary and said that he wanted to promote the game across the world. He also pledged, like other board members, to create greater understanding and adherence to the highest standards of ethics in Poker play.

Hachem has single-handedly been responsible for the Poker boom in Australia. He says a lot of contribution to Poker has come through the television and after his victory. The only problem Hachem faced after his World Championship title was a series of threats to his family in Melbourne. The threats were nothing serious but safety concerns forced Hachem to move with his family to a different location in the city. Hachem now spends a lot of time in his Las Vegas residence as well.

However, Hachem is still not completely focused on Poker alone. He takes out time to play golf and insists that spending time with his family is his priority. And following poker rules of course...

The Dormant Poker Player

Some say poker is a game of chance. But poker is a game which requires math if played by professional players. There are several types of poker players that you may find on each poker table and these players are the ones who make the game a lot different and they make the game move away from the theory of luck to strategy.
Therefore poker is a strategic game and requires some form of simple calculations so as to win. In this article we will look at one of the poker type of opponents known as the dormant player.
A dormant player is a poker player who will only play when s/he has a good hand. The good hand that these players usually consider good is when they have jacks, or better.

On a poker table you can easily identify these players and at most times their stake is always equal or close to the total amount they started with when they set on the table.
These players are also known as the shy players and they would not have the courage to make a ‘raise’ or an ‘open’ during the proceeds of the game. These players do not want to make a big loss and at the same time they are not there to seek for a big profit margin.
The dormant players will automatically fold a hand if it is not good the first time they receive their cards. Player poker with dormant players only can become a lot boring because you would not be faced with a great challenge and you will not win a higher stake than compared to playing poker with the aggressive players.
These poker players also constitute in making poker an exciting game and you will definitely love to play it all the time.

Soccer Strength Training Program

It’s very important that you plan well in your soccer strength training plan.  First and foremost you should make use of a great training program that has been used by professional coaches. This will make it easy for you to start and you will eventually have confidence that the training program will do well for you since it would have done great for most professional coaches.
These programs are very easy to implement and you can even build up your own strength training programs easily.  As a coach we should make sure that all our players a physically fit before they play a game. This will also ensure you on what kind of strategies you would consider if you have a player who is not ready for the game that very moment or big day.  The strength program will help you in combating your soccer team to maximum action and the results will be 100% guaranteed.
Many coaches take it for granted that these strength training programs are not very useful, but they will certainly be wrong. These programs actually improve the team’s performance and also during off-season you should encourage your players to do these programs frequently so as to keep their muscles active every time.
If it’s your first time coaching your players to follow these strength training programs, you will eventually find out that you will easily get to select your players according to their fitness. The game of soccer is all about fitness, strength and endurance so as to make it competitive and exciting.
I have listed some of the strength training programs that we may need to follow and definitely these programs have been implemented on several teams including beginners. The training programs have been very useful and great results have been achieved.
Building Functional Strength
The game demands a lot of body work and movement of the muscles. Muscles do not develop evenly all together but some may develop faster than the other. We should make the players focus on core stability and this comprises of the building up and strengthening of the weaker muscles, great exercise of the muscles, joints and ligaments for more tough work, and maintaining a favorable balance of the whole body.
Players should also practice the kicking actions so as to strengthen the leg muscles. Another key factor that we should not forget is the exercise of the abdominal muscles. These muscles should be strengthened so that the player may can speed and also increases body stamina by burning out excess fat.

Building Maximum Strength

This is one of the simplest of them all. All you need to do is make sure that all your players should visit the gym. They should lift up heavy weights and the main objective of this session is to get the maximum force that a player is able to get. The players should build up the strength and then later it can be converted to soccer power.

Strength And Power Endurance

Once your players have been fully charged by building functional strength and maximum strength then we should go to the next level. In this level you will be accomplishing your great results from your previous efforts. All your efforts will now have to be converted to soccer power and endurance.

Players should now practice the real game of kicking the ball, making use of drill and this is commonly know as circuit training.
Physical Maintenance and Balance
We should make sure that the player’s strength and physical balance is monitored regularly. We should make sure that players do not lose any strength but we should only accept gains. We should also make sure that players do not over train and there should be weekly training schedules so that players may have at most 2 days rest and this should exclude weekends at which all players have to be free, relaxing and having fun with friends.

Football Betting Tips For Beginners

Apart from promising a lot of excitement, football or soccer betting can mean money too. Today sports’ gambling is becoming increasingly structured and involves significant monetary exchange. You can use this addictive fun to actually earn for you, provided you bet as a learned player and follow simple tips. Before betting on a team or a game, you should have complete history and playing pattern of the team or similar game. Knowledge about teams and deciphering their play pattern through previous records comes with experience.  This doesn’t mean beginners cannot win football betting. As a beginner, follow these simple tips to step forward towards your success –

1)    Do Not Guess- Betting is a game of chance but don’t confuse it with guessing. Game of chance is often not won by guessing alone. You need to know the football/soccer odds. Winning of a team or player cannot be predicted, but that should not keep you from making informed moves. Keep yourself well informed about the past and present of your favorite team. Gather information about the team’s composition and about individual players. Judge the present condition and form of individual players and spirit of the team as a whole.

2)    Know The Terminology –Unfold the mystery world of betting by learning the jargons involved.  Knowing the terms like accumulator/ parlay, arbitrage, banker, drifter etc can provide you options to invest money according to your risk appetite.

3)    Start Through Betting Systems – As a beginner, use a betting system to play safe. There are several football betting systems, which may not ensure success, but lowers the risk associated. Play into deep waters only when you have gained sufficient insight and confidence.

4)    Hear Others – Gather views and opinion. Read all news and media articles about the team’s performance. Listen to others analysis of your team and its players and also of the opponent team. Discuss with others to know their opinion.

Follow these simple tips to enter the football betting market with confidence and emerge as a winner.
Gambling doesn’t need to just be based on pure chance.  There are also certain strategies that you can employ in order to increase your amount of winning.
    The Novice
    Have you ever watched people playing poker?  If yes, are your perceptive enough to note the relationship between the cash that the person have and the manner by which the person plays?
    If you will observe closely, the people who have already won in the preceding hands and therefore have more money than what they originally have were more relaxed as compared to people who have short stacks.  One explanation for this is that people who already have “winnings”, tend to feel that they are not using their money anymore and is not afraid to take their chance to amass a greater amount of winnings.  People who already have winnings will stay on the table which makes them loose their winnings subsequently.
    On the other hand, people who have a short stack, tend to show hesitation to lay down their cash.  They would normally leave after one game.  There are also some instances when short stacks tend to fold even if they are supposed to call depending on the pot.
    You know that these people are novice when you see them displaying these behaviors.
    The Disciplined Poker Player
    Unlike the novice player whose behavior is dependent on the losses and winnings, a disciplined poker player plays consistently on the same style throughout the session.  You have to be aware of the behaviors that people display so you can position yourself to adopt a consistent behavior.  This way, you can take better control of the situation and you are increasing your chances of winning.
    Protection of Winnings
As poker is a game of chance it is not guaranteed that you will win. Sometimes you also loose the winnings if you get too greedy.  Therefore, there is a necessity to protect the winnings so it can be your profit.  Control yourself from betting your winnings again and again.   It is very tempting to bet your winnings because you are highly motivated by the fact that it might result to more winnings.

Another way of protecting yourself from losing the money that you won is by employing an exit strategy.  You can do this by setting a limitation to yourself.  Like for example, you can put a cap that if you have already double your money, you are going to move on to another table or quit.
Another strategy that you can use is by keeping your winnings in an account (such as a Neteller) while you just keep a revolving fund that you can use while you are on the game site.  This way, you will not be tempted to play in the higher tables.  Having knowledge on the level of cash that you have affects your decisions when playing.
Remember that your aim in the game is to have winnings.  You can only have winnings if you are able to manage your cash well. With a little strategizing, you will be able to convert your winnings into profits no matter how small the winnings are.

TAG Heuer

Even though I like both Rolex and Panerai, there is no brand such as TAG Heuer from Switzerland. I guess that I am a bit of a fashion victim, and therefore I love Louis Vuitton (TAG Heuer is a part of LVMH). Also I prefer chronographs before regular watches, and they specializes on chronographs. In particular if the back of the watch is transparent so that the whole machinery is visible. The watertight watches are also popular with me.

The whole of TAG Heuers history is fascinating. In the early 20th century they created the first stopwatch that was correct to the hundredth part of a second. Later on they created the watch “Seafarer”, that showed high- and low tide and the different phases of the moon, and the “Autograph” that could calculate the velocity of a car. Those things have been a pretty constant factor in the work of TAG Heuer, and many racer drivers are using their products. In 1958 a serie of watches were made that was assembled on car- boat- or aeroplane-panels. In 1962 the astronaut John Glenn used one of TAG Heuer’s watches in the first American space journey that was set in circulation.

Soon thereafter they had become bigger than ever. Lately, Tiger Woods has made sure that they get plenty of attention, through a well financed and wide commercial add for the brand. Also Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman and Steve McQueen have done their share of commercial for TAG Heuer. Tiger Woods has also participated in the development of the model Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph which, in a selection with 2200 other watch models, received the IF-award by the International Forum Design.

Out of their collection, my favourite is Carrera Chronograph Silver Dial Two Tone Bracelet, which has a bracelet in steel and yellow gold, which the name reveals. It costs 27 475 SEK at Watch On Watch and feels very slick with a face in silver. The only thing that concerns me slightly is when it comes to mixing silver and gold it can look a bit odd with certain pieces of clothing. The same thing goes for other jewelleries. But since one carries the wedding ring on the other hand that issue pretty much solves itself. I think that watches are very good accessories, but you have to watch out so that you don’t get too overambitious and dress up more than the occasion requires. That is why I suggest that you carry just one ring and no more, especially if you have a watch like this.

Another watch I am a bit tempted by is the Link Chronograph Automatic Gray Dial, even though it looks very different from the Carrera Chronograph Silver Dial Two Tone Bracelet. In the same way that the contrast between silver and gold can be nice, the thing that makes this watch so handsome is that the colour of the watch and the bracelet has almost the same colour. Light grey and dark grey, almost adjoining black.

We’ll see what I will go for. One thing that is for certain is that after the purchase has been made I will have a hard time having my sleeve rolled down…

John Mayer concert

When I was young I tended to get obsessed with certain artists, but I rarely do any longer. However, now I am experiencing that obeying sensation of just loving someone’s music. And John Mayer, singer/songwriter, is the object of my affection. He is talented in a way I didn’t think anyone could be that wasn’t black and lived in the ‘60s. John Mayer have been a rising star the last eight years or so, but it was just recently that I discovered him. He is thirty years old, American and had a band called the John Mayer Trio. A couple of his most famous songs includes “No such thing”, “Say” and “Your body is a wonderland”. He is a guitar player and has been compared to talents such as Clapton and Hendrix. In my opinion he is a great song writer more than anything, and a terrific singer. I waited patiently for my town to get visited by his tour. As soon as it did, I called a friend of mine and we booked tickets the second we got home from work. When the concert night arrived we were so thrilled and of course the show was unlike anything I have ever seen. Even though he is a great record artist he is even better live. The audience was rather small, at least compared to my expectations, but we were all very supportive. It was obvious that everyone there loved him.

First he played “Something’s missing” and two hours later he closed the show with “No such thing”. I adore that song. In between the two songs he kept playing his best songs the whole time, and performed them greatly. He really has a good band to back him up as well. The drummer was brilliant.

When we left the concert we didn’t feel like going home so we went to a bar with some of his other fans. It was a long night with a lot of poker playing and song discussion. It was years since I did so bad while poker playing, but I couldn’t care less. Many beers and hours of poker playing later I went to bed early in the morning. I still had his lyrics in my head, and some vague memories of losing way too much money on poker. Quite the night!

Digital intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an interesting thing. Even though the computer hasn’t beaten man intelligencewise in poker playing yet, researches show that A.I will beat the human intelligence within a few years. The most popular poker game online is Texas Hold’em. This is also the toughest game strategically. Because of chance and the strong effect that chance has, the game is hard for a computer. Especially when it comes to bluffing. There is too much information, even for a computer, to control and to put together correctly.

In 1994 a computer won over a person in a game for the first time. A couple of years later, the computer won over a human in Chess.

Whether artificial intelligence is a good thing or not is highly debated. Some say that putting power and information (not to mention belief!) in computers is very risky. Others say that computers are perfect when it comes to using it a one of man’s tools.

Since the gambling society is growing each day, more and more of our social life takes part there. The way that affects us is hard to apply on a computers way of playing. A computer can never have such a thing as intuition.

But if there were to be a perfect computer, then the question would be how that would show. Would it be a computer that can beat any game, no matter what strategy the opponent would use? Or would it be a computer that has actual human features, like hesitation, boldness and other sensations that affects one’s strategies and weaknesses?

Unlike many other games, there is an important element of uncertainty when it comes to online poker. Each poker has it’s own knowledge, in comparison with Chess, where everyone knows everything about the game.

It is possible to use pokerbots, which are program that fake human actions, but still play almost perfect online poker. It is, of course, cheating, and not recommended.

And in the end of the day, what would be the point of using a pokerbot? The best part of a game is to play it, right?

I don’t care whether I could cheat my way to great wins, since it would, after all, be cheating and not nearly as close to real success as real winning is.

Travelling with husband

There are so many things to do with the kids these days; if it isn’t to go to parental meeting in my oldest sons school, then it is the youngest daughters teeth which hurts from growing. We have three kids, me and my husband, and I obviously love them above everything. But time and again I feel that it would be relieving to get away from it all for a couple of days, just to remember that I am more than just a parent.

I talked to my husband about this and he felt exactly the same. There is no real time for each other anymore, and there is barely time to read the morning paper or read a book in the evening before one of the kids demands help, attention or just entertainment.

Therefore we have decided to go away for a week and let grandma and grandpa take care of the kids for a while. They get along well with their grandkids and they have probably just been waiting for an opportunity like this, so they can spend some quality time with them.

And in the meantime, me and my husband finally gets to get away for some time. We are going to Mallorca. I love Spain and I have always felt at home there, so it feels great to be on my way.

What I long after the most is to sleep in. To not have an alarm set, to not be woken by screaming/crying/talking/running kids, to not have a job that I have to go to or a daycare where I need to leave the kids… Just sleep and sleep until the sun or my husband wakes me up. Everyone deserves that a few days a year!

But we are also going to do fun stuff together. We play a lot of poker, so we will definitely go to somewhere where we can join a poker game. Maybe even a casino. Otherwise we’ll just play poker online. But more than anything, we look forward to the beach. In Palma there is a wonderful beach where we have actually been before. I could spend days and days there. So I will get tanned so I stop looking this pale, swim in the waves (if it is not too cold of course), read a couple of books and play beach tennis with my husband. The weather is almost always good there so we scarcely have to keep track of the weather reports.

In the evenings we will go out to drink red wine. I can see us in the warm night, making toasts and eating seafood!